The Dr. Phil Show and "The Marriage Test"

The Dr. Phil Show with Husband and Wife Life Coaching Team,
Will Craig and Laurie Gerber









Friday, September 20, 2013

Got a broken relationship that you wish wasn't broken? Even though at this moment, it seems like a relationship is impossible to fix, it isn't to husband and wife life coaching team, Will Craig and Laurie Gerber of the Handel Group®. They help couples deeply alter relationship dynamics by getting accountable, deeply forgiving, and designing a new structure that builds trust. After 20 years together, Will and Laurie walk their talk and share how they do it, using the Handel Method®.


A&E's "The Marriage Test" with Life Coaching Team,
Will Craig and Laurie Gerber

Premiered Saturday, September 21, 2013
10-11:30pm ET/PT on A&E

A&E Network presents “The Marriage Test,” a 90-minute special from executive producers Jay McGraw and Dr. Phil McGraw that explores the troubled relationships of four couples who agree to live together under one roof for seven days of in-depth counseling to try to save their marriages.  “The Marriage Test” premieres on Saturday, September 21 at 10 PM ET/PT.

In the special, four couples who have found themselves at the end of their rope come to “The Marriage Test” house hoping to resolve their deeply rooted problems and begin to heal their relationships.  Led by husband-and-wife marriage coaches Will Craig and Laurie Gerber, the couples take part in a series of exercises that include individual and group therapy sessions all aimed at salvaging their troubled unions.  Will and Laurie watch the residents 24/7 in order to uncover each person’s issues and ultimately attempt to save these marriages by forcing the couples to save each other.  At the end of the week, each twosome will have to decide whether recommit and stay together and or break up and go their separate ways.