Life Coach Training


Coach in Training (CIT) Program

Our Life Coach Training Program prepares our coaches to be outstanding examples of the power of our methodology; the principle of “walking the talk” is at the core of our Coach Training Program. Each coach undergoes a rigorous one to two year training program that has two goals: to become an expert in The Handel Method and live a life characterized by deep self-respect and pride, where every area of our coaches’ lives acts as an inspiration to themselves and others.

FAQ’s about becoming an HG Coach

If you are still interested in the training after reading the FAQs, please email us with further questions about the application process at:

HG Practitioner Program (HGPP) Certification

Handel Group® Life Coaching (HGLC) is offering a new level of certification called the HG Practitioner Program (HGPP). This new certification program will allow you to coach using the Handel Method®, under supervision of an HGLC Senior Coach, in individual, group and workshop settings. Similar to our Coach in Training (CIT) Program, admittance into HGPP is by application and interview. We want to make sure this is the right fit, for you and for HG. Once admitted, you will learn to teach the Handel Method® to others, in addition to applying it to each area of your own life, evolving yourself so that you are deeply happy and an inspiration to those around you. You will be given support to be held accountable for leading an honest and beautifully designed life. You will also be participating in a community that prides itself on walking it’s talk and having a ball changing the world. With HGPP certification, you will be able to use the basic principles of our methodology in conjunction with your own business and clientele. Any clients who need in-depth coaching will be referred to our HGLC staff coaches.

How does it differ from HG Coach in Training Program?

This differs from our Coach in Training (CIT) Program in that it is a one-year training program that will certify you to lead workshops, group telecourses and a specified number of private sessions. You will not be able to do the in-depth coaching that an HGLC staff coach offers/does. The program is designed for yoga instructors, nutritionists, health professionals, education professionals or fitness instructors who want to combine their own business and clientele with The Handel Methodology.

What does the certification include?

  • Group training classes by phone twice per month
  • One-on-one training sessions with your coach once per month
  • Peer support through weekly buddy calls
  • Use of our robust audio and written library with trainings on every topic imaginable
  • Use of our private social network to manage yours and your clients promises, assignments and coaching interactions
  • Supervised practice with leading private and group calls
  • Mentoring from a Trainee who is a year or more ahead of you in their training

What is the cost of the HGPP training?

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to enter the program. That deposit will be used for the first month of training. Practitioners in Training will be charged $500 at the beginning of each month for the 12 months of training, for a total of $6000. In addition to this monthly cost, participation in a Design Your Life Weekend and a minimum of 6 hours of private one-on-one coaching are also required to enter the program.

What happens when I complete the 12-month training program?

Final certification and graduation from the program is dependent upon successful completion of all assignments and is subject to the approval of: Hildie Dunn, Senior Coach/Dean of HGPP, and Lee Mitchell, VP of HGLC/Director of Coach Training. Once certified, you are eligible to lead workshops, 12-week group telecourses or up to 12 individual sessions with each of your clients using the Handel Method®.

Is there ongoing support once you have become certified?

Once you are certified as an HG Practitioner, you will be provided with free ongoing training calls to keep your Handel Method coaching tools sharp, and to keep you proud in all the areas of your life.

Where do I go for more information?

For details on the application process and any other questions, email Hildie Dunn, Senior Coach/Dean of HGPP.