Marnie Nir

Senior Coach
Marnie Nir

Humor, compassion and candor are the driving forces in Marnie Nir's work as a Coach with The Handel Group. She finally returned from Florida to her home state of New York, but has shuffled around, from New York to California and back again. Marnie’s professional and personal life has come full-circle as well. A student of Slavic Language and Literature at UCLA, Marnie graduated with a BA and an understanding of Russian Literature as “purification through suffering.” Years later, after several jobs in publicity and production, most notably for the Moscow Circus, she began to see that, at least in her own life, suffering was not mandatory. After marrying and giving birth to her first child, Marnie started coaching with her sister, Lauren Zander, creating the dream of who she wanted to be as a mother. However, her work with Lauren took everything in her life to a much deeper level. More than a decade later, she is now the mother of two, a trained Coach in The Handel Method, a freelance writer, a blogger for the Huffington Post, DatingAdvice as well as her own blog (The Sour MILF) and formerly a columnist for the Jupiter Post and Westport News. Most notably, she and her writing partner have created a half-hour animated TV series: Mother Up!, which stars Eva Longoria.
As with every area of her life, Marnie’s coaching is characterized by joyful honesty and courageous commitment. She brings lightness and levity to her work with her clients. “I have zero problem telling on myself. I use my inner jerk to point out theirs.” Consequently she is continually inspired by the difference that telling the truth offers to her clients. For Marnie, it’s about building the muscle of personal integrity, where what comes out of your mouth is so. “In this way, you can really go from ‘I will go to the gym,’ to ‘I will win an Emmy.’”
Having been married for more than 18 years, Marnie particularly enjoys working with wives, mothers and singles, because she is well-acquainted with the challenges they face and speaks b*#ch, martyr and chicken fluently. Marnie offers her clients the tools they need to author the lives they want, with wit, sincerity and her occasional truck-driver mouth. She lives in Pound Ridge, NY with her husband and two children.
"Dating Profile Readings" by Marnie Nir
Your online dating profile says a lot more about you than "pick me!" In fact, it can bring in exactly whom you don't want. Why is that? Enter life coach, Marnie Nir. Like an astrologer, Marnie can tell you everything about your past and your future from looking at one little piece of paper (or screen). How you wrote your dating profile tells this world-class, master life coach, devoted wife, mother and TV script writer everything she needs to know about you. Expect Marnie to teach you more than you bargained for about yourself, the dating pool you're currently in and how to rewrite your way into the dating pool you want. She'll be sensitive, sarcastic, hilarious, deep and passionate, yet razor-sharp about your issues. Write your truer profile, casting a new net to catch "the one."
$300/hour (send your profile in advance for pre-screening)
To set up an appointment, email
I just wanted to let you know that I think your advice on creating a dating profile actually worked. Maybe it was luck, but I thought I would extend a thank you anyways. I was always very open and pretty positive to online dating and didn't have an awful experience doing it, but I had never thought much about what I put in my profile and what type of guy it attracted. I got very honest with myself about what I wanted and edited my profile with the idea of whatever I wrote would attract that type of person. So I listened to this call in November and right after the New Year I met my dream man. It's crazy. He is everything I was looking for. We're totally in love and happy and grateful for each other. :) Thanks!
Liesl, Brooklyn, NY
Non-Profit Program Coordinator