True Life MTV

Premiered April 15, 2012 on MTV featuring Life Coach and HGLC President, Laurie Gerber

What if you were given a second chance to get your life on track? Two years ago in True Life: I’m Uncomfortable With My New Body we told the story of Rocky, an overweight teen who had recently lost over 300 pounds. Unhappy with the excess skin left by his rapid weight loss, Rocky continued to hate his appearance, obsess about food and isolate himself from others.

Now, three years later, Rocky's finally had plastic surgery and ridden himself of the excess skin that he found so troubling. However, Rocky still hasn't healed the emotional wounds from his troubled past. He's still living with his parents, still prone to eating binges, and fearful of social interactions.

But we're about to give Rocky the chance to change everything. We're setting him up with life coach, Laurie Gerber, who will try to help Rocky conquer the problems that he can't solve on his own. Can Laurie help Rocky face his biggest fears and finally get his life on track?


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