Private Life Coaching

Personal Attention, Results and Evolution
private phone coaching

Whether it’s finding a job you love, repairing your relationship, dropping excess weight, fitting in at school or simply being ready for the next exciting chapter in life, the work you do at HG provides immediate inspiration, serious results and lasting knowledge. HG coaches help clients move beyond self-limiting concepts and behaviors. Our focus is on Personal Integrity®, honesty, accountability, communication, dreaming big, and pursuing and achieving goals that excite you. Our coaches act as guides towards the discovery of your highest vision and your coach will assist you in remaining true to and fulfilling your vision. Your coaching program is customized to your needs while remaining based on the principles of The Handel Method®.
Working one-on-one with your personal HG Life Coach is a very proactive process, tailored for people who are ready to engage directly in change. We create results.

Our expert personal coaches have experience, credentials, walk their talk and use our proven approach: The Handel Method®. You have to make sure this form of coaching is right for you, so please contact us for a free coaching session.

How this works:

  • All private coaching sessions are held via telephone or Skype. Most private clients have a weekly or bi-weekly call for an hour. This is a typical scenario, however, you and your coach can set your frequency and length of sessions according to your needs and schedule.
  • When coaching kids, we hold parents, guardians and caregivers to certain expectations to help facilitate the process. We recognize that kids, absent some exceptions, have a right to privacy. We also recognize and understand that parents have legal rights to remain informed. As such, we duly recognize the rights of both minor clients and their respective guardians, and will seek to honor both simultaneously.
  • Your coaching begins in the first session. Prior to your first meeting with your coach, you will have completed and submitted the initial homework assignment. Your coach will have reviewed it and prepared coaching notes for your first session.
  • Your coaching continues between your sessions for maximum effectiveness. Your coach will assign you homework on an ongoing basis so that you may take concepts and practices away from your sessions and apply them to your life. You and your coach will also communicate via email between sessions.

Please contact client services to inquire about the right coach and price structure to fit your needs at 800-617-7040 or email:
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