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Hey you! Yes, you.

Let’s admit it: life is tough. But what if you stopped blaming others for what’s holding you back and took a close, unfiltered look at the real root of the problem: YOU...

Ready to design what should matter most to you––YOU?

Talk about the ultimate in interior design! If you are truly ready to take yourself on, this 12-session course will give you the tools you need and then some. From your career to your love life to your health to your family (uh huh, even yours!), you will not only wake up to your dreams, but get into the right actions to once and for all go F yourself (fire, find and free)!


“I took this digital course, Inner.U, to get unstuck. I felt stuck everywhere in my life, particularly in any area of my life where my passion and deepest desires were involved.The fact that I have the tools now to conquer all the things that are holding me back and moving forward in a life I cherish and love everyday is so freeing! What I would have given to have known this back in my teens and twenties because these were the deep questions I had inside but couldn’t articulate or get answers to.”

Danielle Perry
Age: 45
Occupation: IT Manager

Part 1 – Get Your Dream On

In part one of Inner.U, you will be introduced to one of our key principles and the secret sauce to happiness––Personal Integrity®, the ability to keep a promise to yourself. You will discover the importance of dreaming in every area of your life. You will get back in the driver’s seat of your own dreams and discover the speed bumps that are in your way. And if that isn’t enough, you will dive into your family history in order to heal, forgive, honor and evolve it.

“For anyone lying there in the pit of self despair, this course is a reminder that those waters are only knee deep. All we ever need to do is stand up and walk away. The Handel Method is a straightforward, organized way for people to reclaim their lives and themselves. It is exactly what I had been looking for––a ladder tall enough to finally climb over myself!”

Andrea King
Age: 36
Occupation: Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Part II: Dig Deep

In part two of Inner.U, you will head into your past to uncover some of the memories that have shaped you. You will investigate these memories and learn how to unravel them. You will hear other clients inspiring stories as they fact-find and free themselves from their past. You will not only get to write your own pledge of allegiance to yourself––a personal manifesto, but create your own personal laws. Yes, your own constitution to live by and, just in the nick of time, you will learn the secret to making and keeping promises to yourself, for real.

“Through Inner.U, I started to untangle a lot of underlying beliefs I didn’t even know were there. I discovered that I was haunted by trains of thought that were hurting my success. Once I could put a name on those thoughts and trace them back, they actually subsided. Now, I am much more present with tons more energy to get things done. I no longer spend my free time in the past!”

Steffanie Lyons
Age: 49
Occupation: Pilates Instructor

Part III: Head On In

In part three of Inner.U, you will get your head under new management and deal head-on with your negative thoughts that are clearly in your dreams’ way. You will discover the importance of manifesting and learn how to create your own manifesting rituals––from writing in a journal every night to manifesting daily. You will not only inspire yourself, but you will see that you have always been at the source of everything in your life.

“For so long I have been struggling in my life, battling my own disappointment in myself, and no matter how much effort I put in to improve my life, I kept stumbling, making the same mistakes over and over again. Inner.U changed my life. What I realized by doing the work laid out in this program is that my own improvement was in my hands. It always was.”

Robert Quiroz
Age: 69
Occupation: Retired Public Schools Educator & Consultant

Part IV: The Beginning

In part four of Inner.U, you will review all that you’ve learned thus far in the course. You will see how far you’ve come. You will be reminded that this is a lifelong process and however hard you tried to shrug the responsibility, no one is responsible for making your dream happen but you. And, isn’t that fair and more than just fair, just. You will learn how to write (yes, more writing) a Grand Vision for Your Life and see that you have the power to make anything you want happen in your own life. You, after all, are your life’s author.

“This course changed my life and my way of thinking, After doing the course, I quit my current job and started my own business. Inner.U gave me a new perspective and the soul and courage to change and restart my life. Thanks for the opportunity.”

Everardo Ortiz
Age: 45
Occupation: Engineer


A digital course to design your life

At your own pace. At your own time. In whatever setting you choose. You get to design the life of your dreams. Talk about the ultimate in interior design––YOU.

The Handel Method® has helped entrepreneurs, activists, artists, leaders and more change their lives and find real (no BS!) happiness. With the launch of Inner.U, you can receive one-on-one training and follow the entire step-by-step toolkit designed by Lauren Zander from the comfort of your couch.

Although really, our first piece of coaching is: get the hell off your couch!

Here’s what you get:

1. Coaching

Stanford Graduate School of Business. MIT. Vogue. LinkedIn. Dropbox. Citibank.

Now, you can have exclusive access to the coaching that has impacted the lives of thousands of people and altered the cultures of major organizations. Get life-changing, on-the-go coaching for all areas of your life from Lauren Zander: life coach, university lecturer, public speaker, and Creator of The Handel Method®.

2. Tools

No fluffy affirmations here. You’ll write down your dream. You know — that dream. The one you think you’ll never have. The one you think you don’t deserve. Guess what? You’ll get it. Lauren will take you through straightforward exercises that will help get your life headed in the direction you’ve always wanted. Turns out, it starts by dealing head-on with your head!

3. Certified HG Coaches

Be a part of Inner.U and gain access to certified Handel coaches. You’ll receive real-time support and advice about the changes you’re putting into place. And they won’t let you off the hook when you try to squirm out of your promises.

4. Prizes!

Maybe you finally had that difficult conversation, or nipped that bad habit in the bud. You’ll receive more than kudos and claps as you make your way through Inner.U. As you progress, you’ll get special videos from Lauren Zander, coaching guide downloads, discounts off our programs, and more. PLUS when you complete the program, you’ll get a 1 hour one-on-one coaching session (a $200 value) for just $100.

Here’s what it costs:

  • $150 6-month Subscription
  • $250 Yearly Subscription + 2 Q&A support calls per month w/certified HG Coach
  • $350 Unlimited Plan + 2 Q&A support calls per month for 1 year. 15% off first year of coaching


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