Design Your Life Tele-Course for Creatives

bring a professional artist

Being an artist/designer takes an unusual amount of mojo and courage EVERY DAY! Are you feeling as powerful as you wish you were? Do you know you can impress yourself everyday? Is it time to put yourself in bootcamp so you get the habits of effectiveness and integrity ingrained forever?

Join Handel Group Senior Life Coach, Hildie Dunn, and special guest, Amy Butler of Amy Butler Design, for a group tele-course featuring a strong focus on bold actions, conquering fear and getting results. You will decide what you want for yourself while you dismantle the excuses and justifications that stopped you before. We will teach you to dream big, debunk your negative theories, and keep your promises, so you can have what you always wanted. This course is limited in size so that you are insured individual attention.



Includes 4-week access to the HG ONLINE COMMUNITY, where you can listen to the recordingsinteract with other participants and the coach and build your own support network.

Group Tele-courses consist of participants and a Coach and are held by conference call for consecutive weeks. If you leave the group before its conclusion, HGLC will keep the hourly fee for the number of group calls you attended. Any paid fees exceeding that amount are transferable to other HGLC programs and events. This course has a required minimum for enrollment, we reserve the right to cancel this course if it does not meet the minimum requirement within 24 hours of the start date of the course.