Design Your Life for Yoga Practitioners

HG Yoga Coach, Elena Brower

This powerful 8-week group telecourse features a strong focus on bold action and results. Create and define your dreams while you diffuse the fears, excuses and justifications that have held you back. Ready to jumpstart a new era in your life? This group gets you into action, feeling proud and moving toward your dreams once and for all!

Includes 8 week access to the HG ONLINE COMMUNITY, where you can listen to the recordingsinteract with other participants and the coach and build your own support network.




In this group telecourse you will:

  • Learn to define your dreams and evolve the most important areas of your life
  • Find your true voice, unburdened by “shoulds” and “cant’s”
  • Recognize and catch your excuses, reasons and justifications
  • Invent your own personal laws to ensure the changes you desire
  • Learn how to manage your time brilliantly
  • Create an inspiring new direction for your life or strengthen a pre-existing one

This is the right telecourse for someone who:

  • Desires more control over his/her future
  • Is committed to being someone who is constantly evolving in life
  • Is willing to be responsible for what hasn’t been working in order to move ahead powerfully
  • Wants to learn how to fully utilize his/her innate power to attain desired outcomes

Elena Brower, founder and co-owner of Virayoga and student of Douglas Brooks, Hugo Cory and The Handel Group, will be leading this group. She’s been featured in the New York Times, Yoga Journal, and on Elena teaches large-scale classes at cultural institutions such as the MoMA, Rubin Museum, and the Great Lawn in Central Park. Her teaching weaves yoga with a raw honesty that will light you up and help you bring your yoga practice to your life.

How do you want your life to go? You decide!

Group Telecourses consist of participants and a Coach and are held by conference call for consecutive weeks. If you leave the group before its conclusion, HGLC will keep the hourly fee for the number of group calls you attended. Any paid fees exceeding that amount are transferable to other HGLC programs and events. This course has a required minimum for enrollment, we reserve the right to cancel this course if it does not meet the minimum requirement within 24 hours of the start date of the course.