Parenting by Design

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You've read the guidebooks (long ago) and now you have the kids. Need a refresher? It's time to explore the kind of parent you really want to be, now that you are on the court and in the game. I know you're busy, but I also know that how you raise your child/children is one of the most important concerns in your life and you want to do as well or better than your parents did!
The Handel Method® teaches you that you can DESIGN how you want your life to be, including how you want it to go with your marriage and kids, each and every day. Come learn the 3 step process to bringing peace and happiness to your household. It starts with dreaming, continues on through thought-stopping and theory-changing and ends with creating new laws by which to live. You will participate in an interactive conversation about being who you really want to be for your kids, and getting the results you want.

This teleseminar will be recorded and available to registered participants for playback.