Wake Up Your Week! A Teleseries Subscription

weekly life coaching call

Angie Robertson and other guest coaches will kick your butt every Monday. Gone will be your "case of the Mondays." With this weekly ritual of live coaching, you will greet each week with 100% power. Power with your feelings, your thoughts and your actions is at the heart of this process of waking up to your life. This is just the kind of support you need in order to go from mediocre to mighty, whether by itself or a complement to other coaching.

No matter how successful you already are in an area, this will take it up a notch. You will get our whole methodology broken down into digestible, weekly sessions with take-aways, challenges and assignments that ensure real change in your life.

Weekly Teleseminars on Mondays, 12-1pm ET
$100/month (auto-deducted)
Cancel at any time
Weekly recording available to listen online
Led by Staff Coach: Angie Robertson


Topics Include:

  • Body and Health: Love Yourself from the Inside Out
  • Love: Find It and Keep It Alive
  • Career: Find and Love Your Life’s Work
  • Money: Your Power to Access Wealth
  • Time: Make Profound Use of Time
  • Your Character: Design How You Want to Be
  • Fun and Adventure: The Restorative Power of Play
  • Family: Foster Connections with the Most Important People
  • Spirituality: Find Deep Resonance
  • Home and Personal Space: Make a Place to Re-Energize
  • Bad Habits: Master Yourself at the Highest Level
  • Communication: Learn the Most Important Skill

How the subscription works: Subscribe monthly; jump in any time! It’s always rolling admissions and will make sense whenever you join. No matter when you join, you can stay forever or leave whenever.

NOTES: You may listen and participate in the call from anywhere in the world, and if you cannot make the time, the recordings are available for two weeks to listen online.




WUYW has changed my world profoundly. I've created a closeness with my family that never existed before. Instead of seeing each other once a year we talk several times a week and make plans regularly. I now consider them friends and I look forward to seeing them! Through tackling my personal space I've created a new relationship with every area of my life. When I'm home I feel true gratitude for my space and my life whereas before it  felt like a burden.  I cleaned out a closet that I avoided for 6 years. With it I cleaned out old beliefs, theories and traits. I learned so much about my heritage that it was a true blessing. My personal relationship has also benefited. We talk more then we ever did. I feel more connected to this man because I'm no longer afraid to tell the truth. ~ Rachel


Prior to beginning my work with WUYW, my relationship with my Dad was nonexistent.  We had, literally, not communicated in a decade.  What little relationship I did have with my Mother was dwindling quickly.  Laurie and Molly brought the concepts of bravery, integrity, honesty, and accountability sharply into focus for me and allowed me to tackle the areas of my life that were collecting dust.

I have taken charge of my personal space and I am taking special care to make sure that it accurately reflects who I am and who I aspire to be.  I have been communicating frequently and sweetly with both my Mom and my Dad.  This work has allowed for a tremendous amount of beauty and clarity in my relationship with my husband, my children, and myself. I am filled with awe and reverence for this work.

With Love and Gratitude,


I am a long time client of the Handel Group, but brand new to Wake Up Your Week. This course is designed perfectly for me. It is an incredibly affordable way for me to get and keep the coaching and support I want and love in my life.....for an entire year!  ~ Risa G., SVP


WUYW provides a solid methodology, inspiring modeling and gorgeous community for accessing the dream of your life and living into it.  ~ Shir Yaakov


After 3 years with the Handel Group, WUYW has helped to strengthen my knowledge of the Handel tools and given me the opportunity to practice them again and again with a supportive group of friends that keep me accountable.  I feel deeply connected to my integrity thanks to WUYW.  I now have weekly calls with my Father (that I don't want to miss!) when I used to only speak with him 1 time max a month and our relationship is so different and deeply connected now, I have a daily ritual with my budget and bank account, I lean into difficult conversations and recognize their ability to help me grow, I manifest daily and I know exactly where I stand with my integrity and 2013 dreams - and these are just a few of the things WUYW has graced me with! ~ Sera S., Manager of Professional Relations