Client List/Testimonials

  • AOL
  • BASF
  • Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging
  • Boardroom, Inc
  • bp – Beyond Petroleum
  • Citibank Private Banking
  • Diptyque
  • DWVD
  • Fairmont Specialty
  • Far Hills Group
  • Initiative Levinsohn Textile
  • Manzanita Capital
  • Moving Pictures
  • M2 Design
  • NYU School of Medicine
  • Purdue Pharma
  • The New York Times Company
  • Sati Life By Patricia Moreno
  • Seguai
  • Sony BMG /j-records
  • Universal MCCANN
  • Vogue


“In short, since I met Beth Weissenberger, my company has gone from $60M to half a billion!  I attribute much of the success to The Handel Group because they got us to become authors of our lives and to kill everything that impedes extraordinary results. Also, it's worth noting that, the new CEO of Crum and Forster Holdings just hired The Handel Group for all of it's organizations due to the impact they had on us. Don't delay in hiring them, they will help you take your company to a level of success and create a culture that you can't fathom today.” 
Gary McGeddy, EVP of Fairmont Specialty, a division of Crum & Forster


"(Beth Weissenberger) you were wonderful! A shock to our system, smart bold and fantastic. You were a catalyst for change."
Corporate HR Group, Tiffany & Co.


"Beth Weissenberger led Sony's RED division and 25 of their women employees with a very artful blend of compassionate listening and complete vigilance, and has had a profound impact on the climate of the company. Both on an individual basis and with respect to the larger vision, Beth rocks. She delivered the principles of promises and consequences, weather reporter vs. author, chicken and brat, and in a way that was impactful, engaging, clear and funny. I was surprised how she had us wanting to participate publicly about areas of our lives that are typically not discussed in a work environment. People walked away wanting more!"
Lynn Hazan, EVP/General Manager & CFO, Epic Records


“In January of 2005 I called a meeting of my senior management team to discuss how we would continue to grow the 115 year-old iconic magazine that we worked for, Vogue. To my mind, we were very much about to plateau, reaching number one market share in all of our key advertising categories. My objective was clear: in order for us to grow, we needed to create a business environment that would attract the most talented people in magazine publishing, an environment where highly self-motivated people would thrive due to our creative and financial resources. One that would be free of unnecessary stress or pressure, and would be the optimum place to plan, execute and take risks in order to optimize market conditions.

After nearly a year of false starts and the highest turnover in the company, I was introduced to The Handel Group. If you believe in the spirit of an organization, then Lauren Zander is your spiritual leader. Through exhaustive ethnographic and observation, The Handel Group provided a platform to allow the management team to give up bad habits and replace them with positive high-performance behavior. Members of the team learned what it meant to accept that accountability is the key to being an extraordinary business executive, and that Personal Integrity® is the fundamental principal of accountability.

Leadership versus coercion has become the essence of our management style. Leadership based on a principle of genuine caring. Caring means that we recognize the individual’s personal and professional qualities that make each member of our team valuable.

The results have been outstanding. In 2007, Vogue produced the largest monthly consumer magazine ever published, and turned in a record year on top of a historic 2006. What is impressive is that we achieved this success without feeling wrung out. We are going into 2008 with extreme momentum and self-awareness, which comes from the enabling sense that one gets from speaking and dealing in truth. A lesson well learned from our association with The Handel Group.”
Tom Florio, Publisher, Vogue


"Working with the Handel Group and specifically my experience working with Shir Nir has been instrumental in the ignition of what I could only describe as a powder keg of creativity, inspiration and success in my business AND personal life. Since beginning my work with Shir, only 5 months ago, his influence has awaken in me an innate ability to vision a goal and set the course of actions to achieve my design - which I have done now, repeatedly to the wonderment of my business partners and friends.

I have learned to lead by example, putting integrity above all and to admit what I really do want out of life. Shir is a treat to work with too. He has become a very close and trusted confidante and member of my chosen family. The guy is awesome - he is as funny as Lenny Bruce on a good day - his business instincts are on point like a black ops sniper - his ability to smell a lie is like a bayou bloodhound - his technique for calling me out is caring, yet stalwart like a boxing coach. I am on a steady path to take the title with this dude as my coach."
Mark Roemer, Creative Director, Rombu


“Following a successful business turnaround involving tough portfolio decisions, hard restructuring measures and a strong focus on business process excellence, I hired The Handel Group to bring balance to our leadership style. I wanted to energize and inspire a battle-weary team to drive for new achievements in sustainable, profitable growth and have fun doing it. In the five months that we worked with The Handel Group team, leadership behaviors and relationships among colleagues have improved significantly. We have a more open working culture, greater respect and understanding for one another, and smiles are back–it’s a remarkable success story.”
Simon Medley, Group VP Fine Chemicals, BASF


"Through working with Shir of the Handel Group, I have been more focused on improving the quality of my relationships by focusing on taking care of people. When I “come from the heart” I find I am better able to achieve my desired result and instead of “collateral damage” I end up with the support of those who helped me get there! He also does not let me get away with any BS!"
Paul Senecal, CBSE, President, United Services of America & Melillo Maintenance


“Corporate leadership transitions are always difficult and even more so in family businesses. The Handel Group has been instrumental in helping to make the transition from founding generation to second generation at Boardroom a success, ensuring that our father and the company founder, Marty Edelston, receives the honor that he deserves and that the second generation is well prepared for leadership into the future. Their work with the senior leadership team helped create a structure and relationships that work better than ever — and the training of our next level management team is helping to create an environment that can adapt to the major changes that are happening in the publishing and information worlds.”
Sarah Edelston Hiner, EVP Operations, Boardroom Inc.


“The Handel Group performed miracles, real miracles, at a critical time in our development.”
Marty Edelston, Chairman and President, Boardroom Inc.


“Few things are more important in any organization today than integrity and candor. These also figure amongst the hardest things to nurture; many great firms have gone down the drain because their dysfunctional work practices precluded them from facing the hard facts. The Handel Group does an amazing job at putting these issues in the spotlight and getting individuals to own up to the responsibility of authoring their future, empowering them not only to achieve a successful career but also a more rewarding life.”
Isaac de la Peña, Senior Technology Manager at Nokia/Sloan Fellow, MIT School of Management


“In a remarkably short period of time The Handel Group has transformed our Marketing team by instilling high levels of Personal Integrity® and accountability into the DNA of our organization. Their results-driven process has had an immediate ROI in both productivity and personal satisfaction.”
Lisa Judson, Senior Vice President, Audience Marketing, AOL


“We initially brought the Handel Group into our company to improve a working relationship between myself and a senior executive in the business. Both of us took on individual coaching with the Handel Group as well as working jointly with Lauren Zander. Very quickly, the coaching shed light on the issues that each of us needed to work on. Not surprisingly, I found that the issues I faced in this situation also cropped up in other areas of my life. Sorting them out in the business context provided significant unanticipated benefits elsewhere.

Although we initially brought the Handel Group in to deal with this one specific business issue, we expanded the work to include facilitation of strategic discussions at the partner level and of a complete business restructuring. The benefit to our Company and the relationship between the partners was substantial.

An extraordinary and unexpected outcome of the coaching, from my point of view, was the profound effect it had on my personal life. It transformed my own ability to see what I want from my life and thereby resulted in my placing my focus firmly on those things. This resulted, amongst other things, in me finding the relationship of my dreams and marrying. Through the coaching, I also decided to leave the business in favor of pursuing my larger business ambitions. It supported me in doing this while leaving the restructured business in a strong position to continue its chosen course.”
Katherine Hood, Investment Adviser, Partner


“One of the most difficult things to engender in a work environment, no matter how successful the enterprise, is speaking truthfully AND gracefully. Our company went through major changes in leadership, positioning and message. Beth at the Handel Group has transformed my life and inspired me to be the best version of myself at work which has made me more productive in the organization and leader of my team. I believe my continued success is a direct result of the work I did with Beth.”
EVP, Global Communications Director, at a media agency


“When changing horizons in your professional career, the ability to adjust yourself to a new environment and new objectives is key. Regaining leadership and self-confidence are of paramount importance. Coaching with Beth Weissenberger has been instrumental in putting these issues on the table. It gave me a framework and tools to better handle management issues, learn from day to day actions and continue the discipline of self-assessment to correct certain behaviors. This personal experience has evolved from skepticism and uncertainty to fascination.”
Juan Andres Yanes, Chief Corporate Officer – Santander US.


"I hired Handel Group to make our good leaders great, to lead a high potential program and to coach our critical talent. They are quick at producing results and getting to the heart of the matter. They are the best in class."
EVP, Fortune 500 Company


"...separate from the appreciation I have for you/your program, I’d like to offer a thank you for the jump start/kick in the ass on the weight issue…very much appreciated."
COO, Media Company