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Building Honest Cultures
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More than just Executive Coaching, The Handel Group™ addresses the success of a corporation by focusing on the individual. Where other consulting firms tread lightly or don't go at all, The Handel Group™ dives head first — a pioneer in the area of producing outstanding corporate results by dealing with human issues and concerns, both universal and client specific. With a strong focus on personal and organizational integrity, our corporate work fosters the creation of practices and behaviors consistent with our clients highest vision for their organizations.

To have an organization where people are free to communicate and deal with the most difficult aspects of leading requires building an honest culture.

In our years working with corporations and organizations, we have found that the access to increased productivity, revenues and retention is an environment where people can speak their truth, no matter what, to their teams, peers and senior leadership. Most senior leaders will claim they have an open door policy, and while you might, are you really letting your people say what’s not working for them about you? Do employees have the freedom to let you know that something you did was offensive? Do you really listen to what isn’t working? Have you interviewed your team and compiled a list of your bad traits they want you to work on? And you are altering them? Because we have found, for the most part, the answer is no. That’s why we have designed a 2-2.5 day workshop called Building Honest Cultures.

In the first session the Handel Group will lead participants in a discussion that is focused on each person as an individual leader. We will focus on where they are limited, not being productive and are getting in their own and the team’s way. By working publicly, this discussion starts to alter the very nature of the team. People begin to deal with their bad traits in a profoundly personal way, publicly owning how, and where, these traits get them in trouble.

The second part of the work session focuses on 1) resolving the toxic relationships between people on the team and 2) dealing with the team and its bad traits. At the end of the last day we create an “I AM” for the team that allows the new team dynamic to emerge. We also set up a structure for the management of the new “I Am”, tools for the team to manage themselves individually and with the team.