Our Executive Coaches


  • Beth Weissenberger


    Beth's introduction to the value of The Handel Method was on a phone call with her younger sister, Lauren Zander. She was deeply affected by the rich value of her sister’s coaching. It was the first time that Beth truly understood and recognized the genius of Lauren’s methodologies. Combining Beth’s leadership and initiative with Lauren’s...

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  • Shir Nir

    Partner/President of HG Corporate

    Shir Nir

    Coaching and Consulting Experience
    Shir brings more than 20 years of experience working with executives, teams, and organizations to increase performance and create organizational, personal, and financial growth. Throughout his career, Shir has focused on working with senior executives to expose and enhance their innate...

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  • Gabriella Jordan

    Principal, HG Education Division

    As Principal of The Handel Group Education Division, Gaby Jordan not only leads with a high degree of expertise, but also is a incredible example of living a life of your own design. Having mapped out her future in law at an early age, Gaby graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Political Theory from the University of Pennsylvania. She went...

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  • Leslie Simone

    Executive Vice President, West Coast

    Leslie Simone

    Leslie draws on 18 years of broad experience in operations, entrepreneurship, business development, direct sales, and talent management, coupled with over 15 years of training in the Handel Method®, to maximize the results of leaders, teams, and organizations. Her unique perspective is informed by coaching and consulting in varied industries,...

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  • Will Craig

    Vice President, Corporate Division, Executive Coach

    Will Craig, Executive Coach

    Will works with executives, teams, and organizations to elevate their performance and enhance their successes.  He guides individuals and teams to design their leadership and clarify unseen obstacles to their effectiveness.  He trains leaders and team members how to tell the truth and...

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  • MaryAnn Gonzalez

    Executive Coach

    MaryAnn serves as consultant, strategist and coach to executive teams, sales forces and individuals. She is a fierce believer in transformation and the ability of organizations to excel functionally and culturally. A diverse background of working in the insurance industry on Wall Street for ten years, studying theatre and having...

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  • Osnat Nissani

    Executive Coach

    Osnat Nissani

    Trained as an elite paratrooper in the Israeli Defense Forces, Osnat brings a unique tenacity to her multifaceted professional expertise.  For over twenty years, Osnat has coached and trained thousands of individuals in a variety of holistic growth domains including relationships, effectiveness, professional productivity, leadership, and...

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  • Rosa Walsh

    Executive Coach

    Rosa brings great depth garnered from life and work experience to her career as an Executive Coach for the Handel Group®. With over 20 years as a professional in industries and organizations such as banking, finance, retail and nonprofit, Rosa has served in varied capacities including grants management, financial auditing and sales territory...

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