What We Do

What is corporate coaching?

“Nobody can work with Barbara”

“We need this team to produce serious results”

“Overall, morale is way down”

“We need these high-potentials to become extraordinary leaders”

“Help me discover and fix what is holding my company back”


The Handel Group Executive Coaching offers a unique opportunity to address the many challenges facing a business. From one-on-one executive coaching and leadership development, to corporate culture upgrades, to the often-overlooked challenge of repairing strained working relationships, we can design a program that will meet your company’s needs. Our corporate work fosters the creation of practices and behaviors consistent with our clients’ highest vision for their organizations. The Handel Group can helps guide businesses smoothly through their most challenging and vulnerable stages, such as leadership changes, mergers and acquisitions, or corporate crises. However, our work is not only relevant in situations of corporate challenge and distress: it catalyzes change in stagnant businesses and tune the focus of dynamically growing ones.


How Are We Different?

Yes, we improve productivity. Yes, our work affects the bottom line. Yes, we get people working together cohesively. But it is how we accomplish all those things and much more that makes us a very different kind of company. We are not afraid to dig deep. In fact, we have the conversations that other consultants do not know how (or are unwilling) to have and enact lasting change. Executives are people and all people have issues. However, most people also have a deep desire to be great — but the path to being an extraordinary human is often elusive and good intentions fall victim to habits, fear, inertia, ignorance, distraction and/or disillusionment. This is where the Handel Group excels; we are experts at getting to the heart of the matter. We get people dreaming again and behaving in ways that are extraordinary. Through our coaching, we finish issues. Our clients are left in a powerful place; proud of themselves, excited about the future and taking consistent action toward achieving their goals, professional and otherwise. Our coaching is handled in a respectful and professional manner and leads to an unusual level of client satisfaction.

The Method

Our executive coaching is based on the Handel Method™, our proven proprietary methodology that is also the foundation of the classes we teach at MIT, Rutgers Business School and NYU. The method revolves around several key concepts:

Personality Traits

Perhaps most importantly, we deal with a person’s personality traits. Every single human has some negative traits. Usually these traits go undistinguished or ignored and wreak havoc in the workplace, but if you want to impact the culture of a company, you have to get people to tell the truth about themselves and others. By emphasizing the universal nature of this concept and the personal rewards for facing it, we allow people to look at themselves honestly and without judgment. Our coaching allows people to discover which personality traits they need to adjust in order to be an effective communicator and an extraordinary leader. These conversations are extremely freeing for people and are necessary for creating a culture of creativity and productivity in an organization. We recommend starting at the top, as people tend to tell the truth when they hear the truth.

Personal Integrity®.

Another key concept is Personal Integrity®. In its simplest form, people who have Personal Integrity® keep the promises they make to themselves and to others and act in ways that are consistent with their own highest values. We have people look at where their integrity is lacking, why it is that way and design personal rules and actions to reach a higher level. Other concepts that make up the Handel Method include techniques for defining goals and creating actions to achieve them, developing highly effective communication skills, having the hard conversations, thinking big, designing an inspiring future and controlling your inner dialog.

We Work On: Interpersonal Issues

Organizations are often undermined by human dynamics, which create unspoken and divisive issues that prevent optimal performance when left unaddressed. We are experts at resolving both personal and interpersonal issues that impede an organization’s growth and profitability. The process brings an excitement about the future back to the workplace — and happy people are good for business.


The Handel Group makes it possible for leaders to recognize and remove self-imposed obstacles that impede true leadership. We work on multiple aspects of leader effectiveness including accountability, communication, personality and personal integrity. Bad habits are recognized and eradicated. As a result, our coaching clears a path for leaders to fully utilize their natural abilities in ways that are highly effective and forward thinking.


Successful Teams are products of aligned goals, trust and open collaboration. However, even teams with the most talented professionals can fail to operate cohesively and collaboratively. “Unspoken” issues, intellectual, emotional, political and personal, can undermine both the individual and the organization. The Handel Group works with teams to reveal and dissolve obstacles, no matter how unpleasant and deep-seated. Where management tends to tread lightly, or not at all, The Handel Group creates harmony from discord.

Corporate Dysfunction

The Handel Group delivers unparalleled results because we expose and resolve gossip, dysfunction and other unspoken issues that can create divisiveness and cynicism. In working with senior management, we affect alignment and confluence of human resources at every level of an organization. The multi-dimensional approach of The Handel Method leads an organization through a disciplined process of realization, actualization and, ultimately, optimization.