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inner.u®: Digital Coaching Course


Led by Lauren Zander
Co-founder and Chairwoman

Learn to human better with inner.u, our online coaching course that gives you the tools to do this life thing a little bit better. It is a compilation of more than twenty years of Lauren Zander’s developed, proven, and tested work. In simplest terms, inner.u is 12 hours of one-on-one coaching with Lauren and all that comes with her: her method, mind, and mouth. Each inner.u module has 4 parts. The Method: Lauren teaches you a major principle of The Handel Method. The Demo: Lauren’s actual clients share their personal story of how the particular principle rocked their life. The Work: Lauren walks you through your homework; because, yes, it’s your turn to dig in. The Usual Q’s: Lauren answers the questions she’s most frequently asked.

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