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Private: Amy Teuteberg

For nearly 20 years, Amy Teuteberg has lead teams in the world of television production, working internationally with everyone from CEOs to ground-breaking scientists, globe-trotting chefs, trash-talking puppets, Tony Award winners, real life cowboys, and recipients of the Pulitzer Prize. She is most proud to have won a Peabody Award, an Emmy Award, and multiple Emmy nominations.

samantha-fung-candid-2When Amy first heard the word “coaching,” she was skeptical. What is a coach, anyway? Then she met HG founder Lauren Zander, and realized a great coach is an expert in what makes people tick, and therefore any leader’s secret weapon. Years later, when Lauren called Amy and said, “get on a plane and let’s change the world,” Amy replied, “I’m in!” She moved back to New York, joined HG’s Executive Team, and began training as an Executive coach.

Today, Amy is proud to be an HG coach and says that if she had started her training 10 years earlier, she’d be running a small country by now, and it would be an amazing place to live.

Though she spent 17 years living in Manhattan, and a number of years in LA and Chicago, Amy now lives in Denver, which she loves.