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Investor and Operations Management-Consultant

Andrew Youmans

Education: Dartmouth College, BA 1987; Harvard Business School, MBA 1992

Andy began his career as a domestic oils analyst in 1986, while still in college, working for Salomon Brothers. After graduation, he took a job at First Boston Corporation as a real estate analyst, and then later for the Farkas family as part of Metropolitan Asset Group. In 1989 he changed course, and joined his family’s manufacturing business, Connecticut Spring (CSS). While VP of Operations at CSS, he attended Harvard Business School, graduating in 1992.

Seeking to learn more about how to lead at CSS, he began a multi-year investigation into the Toyota Production System (TPS). Andy believed that the TPS, although never deeply understood or codified, had been at the heart of Toyota’s success. He fostered and participated in a relationship between Harvard Business School (HBS) and the Toyota Supplier Support Center (TSSC) to do just that. In 1996, HBS published groundbreaking materials on the subject, which are still in use today.

In response to growing interest in the TPS generated from the published materials, and with the blessing of the TSSC, Andy left his family’s business in 1996 to start his own operations management-consulting firm, Yomo Consulting. Over the next 15 years as president of Yomo, Andy worked with companies both large and small, in a variety of industries located around the world to implement the TPS. He stepped down as president in 2011.

Most recently, Andy has sought out and invested in companies where his experience at Yomo could add value. He currently maintains a small portfolio of companies as principal and works to support their activities. He continues to work on consulting projects within Yomo.