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Senior Executive Life Coach

Angie Robertson

Angie is a Senior Executive Life Coach where she works one-on-one with clients and teaches The Handel Method at workshops and events. She loves spreading the reach of the Method, which she has been learning from and implementing in her own life since becoming a client in 2008.

Originally from Louisiana, Angie has a Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Civil Laws from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University. Before becoming a coach, she worked as a lawyer at an international law firm and then at a Fortune 500 company. She also served as Interim Executive Director of a nonprofit organization.

Angie is passionate about helping individuals and couples close the gap between their dreams and their current realities. As a Handel Group client, she herself discovered her dream of using her law degree to help nonprofits, something she still does in her spare time. She also realized her dream of helping people fulfill their career and life dreams through her work as a Coach with HG. Not able to fully say goodbye to her legal roots, Angie still practices law in addition to coaching clients.

She has coached CEOs, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, finance professionals, HR professionals, artists and writers, to name a few. Angie has also led workshops teaching The Handel MethodⓇ online and in-person in Dallas, Texas, Washington D.C., Denver, Colorado, Manchester, Vermont, and Bali, Indonesia.

Angie is happily married and lives in Dallas, TX with her husband and two daughters.

Client Testimonials:

“I didn’t realize just how much I would uncover and learn about myself through these sessions. I shudder to think of where I would be if I didn’t have them. While I haven’t made drastic life-altering moves yet that I had initially imagined I would, Angie is helping me dig in and design my life at a pace that is appropriate to me, starting with subtle shifts and PROMISES which have been a game-changer in my day-to-day life.” – Anonymous

“My coaching work with Angie Robertson of the Handel Group is directly responsible for the launching and success of my podcast, LeadingShe. What started as an idea and a dream became real on October 23 after a year of being accountable to Angie for this dream, among others. Angie helped me stay on track with action items so I could realize this podcast dream and today it’s not only a good idea in my head, it’s come true. I could not have launched LeadingShe without her talented and loving nudging to keep moving forward.” – Susan Branscome, Creator and Host of LeadingShe podcast

“My work with Angie was life-changing! She helped me articulate my dreams for the way I wanted to show up in the world, as a parent, a wife, a daughter and in my career. She helped me hold myself accountable for my choices, helped me to create more positive patterns and behaviors in my days and weeks, and create the life I wanted to live instead of reacting to the life that was happening around me. I have never been happier! And I owe it to her; she is a strong and beautiful soul!” – Casey S.

“Before I met Angie, I was waiting for lightening to strike on my mid-life career return. I was under the false impression that a mystical being would part the heavens and tell me what to be. But by 53, I still hadn’t gotten word. I was a classic avoider. Enter Angie. After two days of solid coaching it was clear she could straighten me out—and she did! Angie taught me to walk the walk on what I said I’d do. The net result was a more self-confident me! Today I’m nearly one year into my mid-life career, none of which would have been possible without Angie.” – Beth H.

“Angie is a highly skilled HG Coach with impeccable integrity. An expert in her field. I’m not sure I would have been able to navigate through my peaceful divorce without her. Her gentle guidance to the truth truly impacted my life, and helped me realize that I had way more strength and capability to be happy than I was seeing or had imagined. I hold high esteem for Angie as the coach who led the way for me, and showed me that living my dream life was not only possible, but totally doable!” – Stephanie S.