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Casey Seidenberg

Casey Seidenberg is fulfilling her dream of empowering teens with the tools they need to navigate their lives from the driver’s seat with confidence. Casey teaches in high schools across the country, bringing The Handel Method® to teens to boost their mental wellness and healthy development. She believes we can change the world by developing the next generation of young leaders.

Casey is also committed to helping adults design and build their dream lives by encouraging them to get honest about what they want and what is holding them back. After graduating from Cornell University with honors, she worked in marketing at New York City magazines such as GQ and Food & Wine, as well as for various tech companies in San Francisco. All the while, finding her greatest passion in management and helping her team get the most out of their work experiences.

No wonder she became a coach.

When Casey’s husband became ill with an autoimmune disease, rendering him temporarily unable to walk and compromising his heart and lungs, nutrition played a significant role in his recovery. Not surprisingly, Casey’s interest in food and health became a newfound passion. She went back to school and received two certifications in integrative nutrition, and turned her passion into a full-time career, co-founding Nourish Schools and publishing The Super Food Cards.

For the past decade, Casey has written a regular column on kids and nutrition for The Washington Post. She’s served on the Board of the Children’s Hospital in Washington, D.C., working to support quality healthcare for all children, as well as the Board at The River School, the only integrated school for children with hearing loss and a center for advocacy on Capitol Hill.

Casey loves being a mother to her three children: Henry is 18, Teddy is 16, and Pippa is 9. She happily ever after married her college sweetheart Nick and is currently living in Washington, DC.