Chrisa Z. Boyce | Handel Group

Executive Coach and HG Edu Course Leader

Chrisa Z. Boyce

Chrisa brings over a decade of management and executive level leadership to the Handel Group®. Throughout her career, she has worked alongside C-level executives building brands and creating numerous business driving initiatives that have positively impacted sales, profit, and employee retention for large and small companies.  

Having served as Director and Vice President for many notable brands, Chrisa has been responsible for spearheading the launch of various divisions and managing national teams of 20+ individuals. Her responsibilities have spanned marketing strategy, project management, talent development, creative direction, and consumer experience. 

In 2008, Chrisa came to Handel Group® to further hone her leadership skills. After a few sessions with her coach, she realized that she had a longing to help people succeed in life and in business. Quickly thereafter, Chrisa decided to become trained in the Handel Method®

Chrisa has been teaching individuals how to integrate the method into their lives. She leads workshops and corporate retreats, and works privately with individuals and teams. Her first-hand understanding of organizational structures, the breadth of her leadership experience, and her innate creativity make her a dynamic and insightful coach. In her practice, she has helped many business leaders, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives build their careers, enhance their results, improve communication, better manage their time, and transform personal and professional relationships. 

Originally from Connecticut, Chrisa now lives in Manhattan with her husband. She is an avid traveler and reader. She is currently working on her first book and the renovation of a townhouse on the Upper West Side.