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Does Work-Life Balance Exist?

Hacks for Finding Balance While Getting More Control and Time

Work-life balance is something that we hear about often. I feel like there are two camps. One that believes that you can achieve work-life balance and the other that thinks that it doesn’t exist because there is no such thing is balanced because you can give equal amounts of time to the different parts of your life. Which camp are you in? This is the question that I asked my guest, Angie. Because let’s be honest we secretly want when we are feeling out of wack at home or work.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Angie got started as a coach
  • Angie’s thoughts on work-life balance and if it really exist
  • What is means to operate on your highest level of integrity
  • Why we avoid doing things…especially the things we know we need to do.