Fiona Humphrey - Coaching Consultant | Handel Group

Coaching Consultant & Coach-in-Training

Fiona Humphrey

Fiona is on a mission to transform people’s lives through truth-telling. Having spent her entire career in the corporate world, she often experienced first-hand how the environment squashed her own and other’s ability to show up vulnerably and authentically at work. Her shift to Handel Group came when she was looking to find a place where she could not only tell the truth, but help others tell their truths too. She now lives a bold, brave and transparent life!

Fiona is deeply committed to building community within organizations, connecting people to their purpose and helping establish common goals to elevate team performance. Throughout her professional career, with over 15 years of experience in Talent Management, Development and Human Resources, she has partnered with leaders in a range of industries to transform their business performance through their people. Outside of the corporate world, Fiona loves working with individuals one on one, tapping into what makes them unique and seeing them soar with their new truth. 

Fiona’s passion for people, culture and weaving the common threads across them began practically at birth! Born in France to British parents, Fiona spent her childhood & teenage years traveling the world and living in diverse countries like Jamaica, Indonesia, Egypt, Taiwan and India. She returned to the UK to study a BSc Psychology and a MSc Business Psychology before moving to London, where she spent 10 fun-filled years. In 2014, Fiona moved to Miami, where she now resides with her husband and two children. When she’s not working with Handel Group, Fiona is involved with her other passion – the planet – and works with a non-profit protecting Asian wildlife and habitat.