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Gaby Jordan

As an Executive Coach with the Handel Group®, and Principal of the Education Division, Gaby Jordan not only leads with a high degree of expertise, but sets an example of living a life of her own design. Having mapped out her future in law at an early age, Gaby graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Political Theory from the University of Pennsylvania. She went on to pursue a law degree at Columbia University where she was a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar.

gaby_jordan-2For 15 years, she was a partner in a prestigious New York law firm specializing in litigation. Additionally, she co- chaired the Hiring Committee responsible for hiring lawyers for that 200-person law firm. After 15 years of litigation, Gaby decided that the daily battles of a trial lawyer were no longer for her. The qualities of teamwork and partnership which attracted her to that firm presented themselves again in a more entrepreneurial environment as Gaby was invited to be a Vice President of Paradigm Direct, a direct marketing company. She joined the leadership of Paradigm during their most exciting and challenging growth period. She distinguished herself as one who consistently generated results, drawing upon her expertise in litigation and her twelve year background as a coach, seminar leader and world-wide trainer with one of the country’s largest personal development education companies.


After three and a half years, she left Paradigm, intending to work on her own, when she was approached by Lauren Zander to come on board at The Handel Group® as a Corporate Consultant. It was clear that her expertise in program development and unique background in training and mentoring seminar leaders qualified her to lead The Handel Group® Education Division. Under Gaby’s leadership, The Handel Group® Education Division is committed to introducing The Handel Method® into the mainstream educational system through courses, which provide growth-oriented direction inherent within the classroom learning environment. “It’s about lifelong learning,” says Gaby.

Her vision as Principal is to offer life skills and tools that enable individuals to deal with their lives truthfully. “The opportunity of Personal Integrity® is to be able to be true to yourself, to honor yourself and your voice.” Gaby believes strongly that all individuals, regardless of their stage in life, student, businessperson, parent or grandparent, can honor themselves and live a life of their own design. She encourages them to ask, “Whose life is this? Is my life going to be the one that I say I want to have, the one that I’m designing?” For Gaby, a life of her own design includes not only her professional endeavors, but also the nurturing of herself, her marriage, her two daughters and her love of singing.