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Private: HG’s New Diversity Division: Promised Actions

Like all businesses, we have work to do. Handel Group is a predominantly white company and the majority of our client base is similar. To date we have not been in proactive actions to change that. We acknowledge that we have a responsibility to educate ourselves and our clients as to where we are blind to our own bias.

So, as we, too, practice what we teach, we are making the following promises to diversity in our business:

Diversity training within our own company:

  • Led by Tyreek Moore and Linda Colletta
    • HG’s own Awkward training with all coaches.
    • Unconscious bias training led by an outside 3rd party to be hired by the end of June, for all employees and independent contractors.


Diversify the types of workshops we offer our clients and audiences:

  • Led by Tyreek Moore and Linda Colletta
    • Updating HG Corp Unconscious Bias workshops
    • Updating HG Corp Awkward workshops
    • Developing free workshops offered by HG Life focused on: Having Hard Conversations, Design Your Life – Design Your Community, and Authoring your Activism.


Increasing workplace diversity through recruitment systems and practices.

  • Led by Tyreek Moore and Linda Colletta
    • Renewing our hiring processes to be pro-diversity.
    • Actively targeting potential talent and encouraging applications from key diverse communities and in demographics in which HG staff are underrepresented.


Employing HR staff, best practices, and protocols at the executive level to be accountable for ensuring these actions are followed through on.

  • Led by Tyreek Moore and Linda Colletta
    • Tyreek Moore’s appointment as President of Diversity
    • Hiring Head of Human Resources at the executive level who will be accountable for:
      • Implementing ongoing HR systems informed by best-in-class practices in diversity and inclusion
      • Updating our EEO employer protocol so it better reflects the company we are and want to be – one that is inclusive and diverse at its core
      • Formalizing protocol for employee complaints in a neutral system.
      • Anti-bullying and other formal training programs for all staff.


And much more to come. 

  • Tyreek Moore’s accountability as President of Diversity is to continue to evolve and update our offerings and policies around diversity and inclusion so we remain proactive in all of the above promises and actions, and any additional projects he identifies.