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Senior Executive Coach

Kimberly Cabot

Kimberly was the Director of Operations in Handel Group’s corporate division for five years. She has been deeply immersed in The Handel Method and in this time she has used the methodology to transform her life. She was fresh out of a divorce and was able to turn the damaged relationship with her ex-husband into one of friendship, family, and mutual respect.  She is the mother of two teenagers that are both positively impacted by her commitment to open communication and vulnerability. She also changed her relationship with money from abusive to abundant. In her previous career she was an organic farmer, planted vineyards and started a winery. She learned a lot about business ownership and following through on actions to make a dream come true.  Kimberly lives in Northern California, is a certified yoga instructor, and spends her free time adventuring in nature with friends and family, lifting heavy things in the gym and putting them down again, and gardening.