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“Handel Group showed me that telling the truth and living from my heart with full integrity is the magic key. I dreamed, and all my dreams came true. It’s no hocus pocus, just such a very effective method.”

Learn to human better, in life AND in love

  • Announcing Inner.U LOVE: our online coaching course that gives you the tools to not only avoid heartbreak, but find whatever, whomever, and how many-ever it is that you truly and wholeheartedly want.
  • Now bundled for an exclusive time with Inner.U LIFE, our online coaching course that gives you the tools to get yourself unstuck, wildly happy, and thriving where it matters most to you: your relationship to your SELF, CAREER, LOVE, BODY, MONEY, TIME, and more. From wherever, whenever.
  • Pre-order Inner.U Love today and you'll also get a lifetime subscription to Inner.U Life online coaching course NOW at the special bundle price of only $1000 (a $1300 value).
  • Or, purchase Inner.U Love and Life separately, for only $500 each!
  • Available now through March 15.

$1300 $1000   I'm IN!

What will my Inner.U purchase include?

  • Inner.U Life is a 12 session online course that gives you the tools to do this life thing better.
  • It includes: 12 sessions of audio coaching, 14 homework assignments, a Promise Tracker, Integrity Points and lifetime access.

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