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Senior Advisor HG Sports

Mary Owen

Throughout Mary Owen’s fifteen year career in the NFL working for the Buffalo Bills, she had a desire and passion to help those around her be the best they could be and make positive decisions to drive their life with intention. After graduating from the Mcintire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, Mary moved to Buffalo and then to Detroit. She worked for her uncle, Ralph C. Wilson, Jr., and his beloved Buffalo Bills as well as other business and philanthropic interests, culminating in her role as Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning for the team. Along this journey, Mary spent a great deal of time learning and understanding the sports world and its positive and negative influences on athletes, coaches, executives, and their families.

Mary is passionate about Handel Group’s mission to hold people accountable for their lives thereby allowing them to take their own power back to live the lives they dream of. She is serving in the role of Senior Advisor to support the newly formed Sports Division which she believes has great potential to positively impact this group’s unique life coaching needs. Mary herself receives coaching from Handel Group® Co-Founder and President of Corporate and Sports Divisions, Beth Weissenberger, and attributes much of her ongoing successful career transition to The Handel Method®.

Mary is currently on a sabbatical with plans to travel both domestically and abroad to broaden her perspective and knock off some bucket list experiences.