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Maryann Gonzalez

MaryAnn serves as consultant, strategist and coach to executive teams, sales forces and individuals. She is a fierce believer in transformation and the ability of organizations to excel functionally and culturally. A diverse background of working in the insurance industry on Wall Street for ten years, studying theatre and having spent some of her formative years on communes have given MaryAnn unusual insight into human and group dynamics. MaryAnn’s talent lies in her ability to tap creativity and address individual development and business areas that stifle performance. MaryAnn spent four years with the Handel Group at its inception as the lead consultant for the firm’s corporate clients and was responsible for internal training and development. She re- joins the team working with the firm’s corporate clients.

Change Management

MaryAnn is a senior organizational development professional with expertise designing and leading change management initiatives and providing high performance coaching across a range of industries. She brings key strengths in leadership development, employee engagement and culture shifts. She has notable experience engaging leaders, aligning individual aspirations with corporate vision and harnessing team identity. She has created and led large-scale training programs centered on emotional intelligence and people management.

Executive Coaching

MaryAnn guides teams and individuals to leverage talents and conquer areas of issue whether political, professional or personal. Through a safe and supportive relationship, she works with clients to enhance their enthusiasm and positive impact. MaryAnn’s style of coaching leaves no stone unturned and addresses even the most difficult situations be they limiting personality traits, poor performance or loss of faith. She also helps individuals to identify, build and navigate their career paths.

Conflict Resolution

MaryAnn has been referred to as the “employee whisperer” having a knack for facilitating difficult conversations to improve working relationships. She helps teams identify their relationship DNA (what is meaningful to the teams they work with and how their team is perceived) in order to focus energy on high yield areas, emphasize collective success and address opposing interests.

After living in NYC for 15 years, MaryAnn has recently relocated to Virginia. She is a super fan of Tex Mex food, dance and most importantly her muse and new baby boy.

Education & Designations

M.A. Organizational Psychology, Columbia University, 2004 B.A. Theatre Performance, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1997 Conflict Resolution certification, Columbia University Team Emotional & Social Intelligence Assessment certification, Collaborative Growth