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Customer Relations Director

Molly Simmons

Molly is currently living her dream taking care of our clients who are up to big shi(f)t as HG Life’s Customer Relations Director. She is a catalyst and spark for humans needing a helping hand(el) connecting with their own dreams, implementing action plans, and taking the first steps on the path of building their own Personal Integrity®. With an easy laugh and keen insight, Molly helps clients find levity, power, and the gumption it takes to work with a coach.

Almost more invested in your happiness and joy than you are, Molly is exactly who you want to be on the other end of the phone line when you’re making a big decision, going through something rough, or contemplating a significant change in your life.

Prior to joining Handel Group as Operations Manager for HG Corp in 2019, Molly spent 18 years working in high schools as a teacher, administrator, and consultant. She earned her Masters Degree in teaching English from the University of New Hampshire. Her favorite part of working in education was, no surprise here, advising students, building communities and environments for people to thrive in, and asking great questions.

Molly’s work in coaching through the Coach-In-Training program has empowered her to deal head on with her own happiness in her relationship to herself, her marriage, her career, and time.

Molly travelled the world in her youth, and now lives on the seacoast of New Hampshire with her husband Jason and two children. She spends as much time as possible up in the wilderness of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom where she and her husband run place-based education programs for students and educators.