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Osnat Nissani

With over twenty years of experience in training thousands of individuals, Osnat Nissani joined the Handel Group’s® family of corporate coaches. Osnat has mastered the Handel Method® and her expertise includes relationship development and management, professional effectiveness, personal integrity, productivity, leadership and creativity. Osnat coaches executives one-on-one to enhance their leadership and ability to align their team and organization. Her keen listening enables her to connect with people and inspire them to evolve and realize their full potential. Osnat balances her compassion with a fierce courage. She models this courage for her clients as she leads them to a full realization of their own talents and potential.

Business/Organizational Leadership Experience

As a business executive Osnat relied on her entrepreneurial spirit, artistic eye and creativity to personally pioneer and develop a jewelry line that was later sold to stores owned by one of the largest buying groups in the United States. She uses her business experience to train executives in the language of accountability to reduce time and bring immediate resolution to issues and challenges. She currently works with CEOs, Presidents, and CFOs of many firms across several industries including:

  • Advertising – Executive Coaching
  • Technology – Executive Coaching, Enhancing Success & Leadership Development
  • Manufacturing – Executive Coaching, Building Honest Cultures & Enhancing Success
  • Financial & Investment – Executive Coaching
  • Hospitality – Enhancing Success, Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
  • Real Estate – Executive Coaching

Growing up in a kibbutz along the shared border between Israel and Southern Lebanon both emboldened and humbled her. Because of this early life experience, Osnat is fluent in both Hebrew and English, politically sensitive and extremely resilient. She lives with her husband in Fresh Meadows, NY and has two grown sons. She loves shared outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and kayaking. As a parent herself of a learning-disabled child, Osnat’s deep commitment to assisting parents and families who face similar challenges has enabled many children to secure the life-changing support services they need, and has provided her own family a model of strength and philanthropy.

Education and Training:

Israeli Army
Seminar Leader, Israel and New York, NY 1982-1986, 1992 – 2004.
Led personal growth and development seminars and weekend courses
Trained, coached and developed Seminar Leaders
Art Therapy coursework