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VP of HG Life Division | Expert Coach

Sally Maxwell

Sally is passionate about working with people to transform their lives using The Handel Method®. Her warmth and natural teaching abilities allow her to break down the HG principles in a direct and loving way. Happily working with Handel Group since 2010, Sally holds the position of VP of HG Life Division and Senior Coach at Handel Group. She holds a BA in Theatre and Music from Middlebury College.

Sally is grateful to have used The Handel Method to transform her own life: every area of her life has been positively impacted by learning how to tell the truth about what she really wants in her life, and dealing with what is in the way. She believes that helping other people uncover their dreams and deal with their past to be free is what life is all about, and that this work ultimately makes the world a better place.

Prior to working with Handel Group, Sally was an internationally competitive alpine ski racer, then an actress and singer in NYC. Currently, she is still pursuing her creative passions as an opera singer, in addition to working with Handel Group. She sees performing as a way to tell a story that makes audiences think and reflect on their own lives and values. She lives in Colorado with her husband, daughter and Labrador Retriever, where she enjoys skiing, yoga, hiking with the dog, and cooking.