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Senior Coach

Samantha Fung

Samantha Fung has a natural way of bringing people together and bringing out people’s greatness. Her mission is to connect people to their hearts, to teach people to tell the truth and to go for the dreams that many people are afraid to say out loud.

samantha-fung-candid-2She built a successful career as an Executive Vice President for Human Resources for a publicly traded media company, leading a 30-person team and overseeing 2,000 employees. She was in charge of all aspects of talent but loved the coaching, mentoring, training and development pieces the most.

Although she was highly successful in her career, she had not yet fulfilled her deepest desires: to have a personal life that she loved, a body she was proud of, to share her life with the man of her dreams, and to create a family.

Working with the Handel Group and following their coaching methodology, Samantha changed her life: she lost 75 pounds, changed careers, met the love of her life, and got married.

Samantha, inspired by her own evolution and wanting to help others achieve their dreams, is now working as a Handel Coach specializing in weight loss, career and love.  She coaches privately and leads group seminars.

Samantha has a strong yet loving approach with a great sense of  humor. She has fun pointing out how human we are and giving examples from her own life.