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Stephanie Smith

Stephanie is fulfilling her life’s biggest work yet as a Life Coach at Handel Group. Her mission is to help thousands see their potential, to unveil and manifest the life that they couldn’t have imagined possible. 

Stephanie’s entrepreneurial heart has driven her life’s work.

With a professional dance background, Stephanie has also been a Certified Yoga Instructor for over 25 years. She is a Diamond Wellness Advocate Leader with doTERRA International and has successfully led many women across the globe to improve their wellness, since 2011. 

She loves to help women tap into their innate value, which is what led her to Handel Group. After experiencing the positive results of applying The Handel Method in her own life, she felt a deep responsibility to share it and help others. Unsure about her own divorce, Stephanie first came to Handel Group as a client. She successfully applied The Method to navigate through and engage in an amicable and peaceful divorce.  

Stephanie is Co-Author of The EssentialYoga Program, and loves teaching others how to incorporate the use of essential oils into their yoga practice and daily lives as a proactive approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Stephanie Smith has 3 children and currently lives in Heber City, Utah.