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Private: Tara Sheehan

Tara Sheehan’s mission is to help people find their own personal joy and love in the world. “I love when I can share my heart with someone and show them that we’re all human and relatable, dealing with similar issues.”

samantha-fung-candid-2Tara’s first-hand experience with The Handel Method has been truly life-altering and she’s dedicated to helping others achieve similar results. She came to the Handel Group ten years ago as a brokenhearted and unfulfilled client and has since learned how to speak up for herself and her dreams, be authentic in all of her relationships, and align her behaviors with her life goals. The method has upgraded her life in almost every way possible, including leading her to a career in coaching that she adores, and the love of her life. She firmly believes that The Handel Method can unlock a client’s true potential and put them on a pathway to their own happiness.

Born and raised in the New York City area, Tara has a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Marketing from New York University, Stern School of Business. She built a successful career working for The New York Stock Exchange, FINRA, and a global investment bank as the Head of Central Compliance managing their entire regulatory inspections program. Her strong communication, organizational and management skills continue to be instrumental in her role as a life coach and allow her to deeply connect with her clients.

Tara currently resides in Manhattan with her husband and baby boy.