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The Day I Got Coached

Ever wonder if life coaches have, well, coaches? Or, better yet, if the chairwoman and creator of The Handel Method—me!—has one?

Answer: hell, yes. Wanna know mine?

In fact, I have several, depending on the issue. But I gotta say, I rarely get a full dose of my own medicine back at me. Yes. A loving, snarky, cross-eyed, are you serious look coupled with some straight-up speak.

But not that long ago (three weeks, 4 days and 20 hours ago, to be exact), I did. From whom?

My husband? My teen daughter? Nah. At least not this time.

This time the advice came from a ridiculously smart, savvy, sassy, fellow champion of people and former (and far from fellow) Nike Elite Dance Athlete.

Yes. Marie Forleo herself gave me some coaching, people!

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There I was, excitedly anticipating drinks with someone I crazy respected. I wanted to shoot the shift with her. And what happened instead? When I told her everything
I was up to and proud about, she stopped me mid-stream and—have a seat—she me-d me.

I was mid-share with her about one of my favorite offerings, Inner.U, HG’s digital coaching course that I had worked on for 12 years. (I mean, we’re
talking about a pour-your-heart-and-soul-into kind of project!) Marie didn’t press me on the level at which I worked—that was a given. She was, however, blown away by the amount I had undervalued myself and what I had created.

So she sent ME off with an assignment.

Yes, ME who happily shoots life-changing (and yes, long) assignments at you like darts got one of her own: Figure out my dream in this area. Figure out what it was truly worth, and, for f’s sake (financial), do not undervalue myself or this product.

OK. So what does MY coaching session mean for you? Besides your satisfaction that I now have homework too?

The not so great news? Yes, it means the price for Inner.U is about to go up.

But, please know, no matter what, Inner.U will still be the easiest, most convenient, and certainly, the least expensive way to sit with me for more than twelve hours.

The good (or less bad) news? If the new cost of Inner.U is out of your budget, please know, we will always have other low cost and free coaching options, like our monthly tele-talks and events.

Truth is, I’m truly sorry for any inconvenience or ick my undervaluing of myself and this product cost you. Clearly, it’s part of the price of surrounding myself with whip smart business people who play hardball in their lives like Marie. It comes with lessons and yes, inevitable mistakes and apologies.

For those of you that believed in us enough to jump early during the beta test of Inner.U— thank you. And yes—of course—we are going to honor your rate forever.

And for those of you that want in NOW before we head back in, make new upgrades and relaunch Inner.U at its new price end of January 2018, JUMP NOW. We got you. In fact, NOW might be the best time ever to join Inner.U.

Here are some recent upgrades we’ve made:

  • LOCK IN: You’ll lock in at the current rate … forever.
  • NEW DASHBOARD: See where you are and what’s next from the home screen, PLUS navigate your current sessions more easily!
  • SIMPLE SIGN UP: It’s easier than ever to sign up and get going.
  • PRIZES THAT POP! You’ll never miss a prize again.
  • ACCESSIBLE ACCOUNT ACCESS: We’ve made it easy for you to update your profile and upgrade your subscription at any time.

And, for those of you who might be saying “Huh? I don’t know the first thing about Inner.U,” you can learn more about our digital coaching course (with yes, 14 hours of audio coaching from ME, Lauren Zander) at InnerU.Coach.

I know that YOU know how much went into this product and how worthwhile the coaching is. You’ll see that the new price for Inner.U will, of course, still be fair. It just won’t be as goofy as the goof I made the first go-round.



P.S. Lock in now at InnerU.Coach!