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“I’m Dana D’Orazio and am so excited to partner with the Handel Group and the amazing Coach-in-Training Casey Seidenberg to offer this one-of-a-kind course to you! We’ll take a 6 week journey together to transformation through meditation, mindfulness and coaching building off of The Handel Method.”

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Learn to Human Better

In uncertain times like these, there’s something that’s absolutely certain: we’re here for you. Which is why we’re offering some Inner.U courses at half-off to better get you the coaching you may need during this crisis.

  • Inner.U LIFE is our online coaching course from HG gives you the tools to get yourself unstuck, wildly happy, and thriving where it matters most to you: your relationship to your SELF, CAREER, LOVE, BODY, MONEY, TIME, and more.
  • Inner.U CAREER, is our online coaching course that gives you the tools you need to stop playing small in such a HUGE area of your life. Whether you’re out to find a new job, step up and lead at your current one, resolve issues, curate your thoughts, or cause INSPIRED results.
  • Your lifetime subscription includes 1 free private coaching call, plus access to Inner.University and a 6-week coaching bootcamp, and the Inner.U community.
  • Just for you: Inner.U at half-off (a $325 savings).

I'm IN!   $650 Inner.U LIFE: $325

I'm IN!   Inner.U CAREER: $650

What will my Inner.U purchase include?

  • 12 audio coaching sessions (and 3 bonus sessions) with Lauren Zander.
  • 14 assignments with hot tips, tools, and cheat sheets.
  • 1 FREE private coaching call with a Certified HG coach.
  • Inner.University - a six week group bootcamp with a Certified HG coach
  • The Promise Tracker — our integrity-boosting, life-simplifying digital butt kicker!
  • Integrity Score — analytics on your progress, your Personal Integrity® , and your dreams.
  • The Buddy System — a community of people cheering you on!
  • Prizes, badges, and free stuff for being awesome.
  • Oh, and lifetime access to all of the above.

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