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Zach Maxwell

Zach first met Lauren Zander, co-founder of Handel Group and the creator of The Handel Method, at the ripe age of 15 years old. He  subsequently worked with her as his coach for seven years.

As a struggling teenager, Zach’s work with Lauren helped him turn his young life around.  He transformed his relationship to his family, rebuilt his relationship to himself, and secured admission into a top tier college after having poor grades for much of high school. After college, Zach embarked on  a path of pursuing his dream as an artist, performer and musician, and he credits his early work with HG as a true life saver.

Zach first became a coach in 2006 when he was in college, at first working with teens and eventually growing to work with a full roster of clients of all ages as he got older and gained more coaching experience.

Fast forward to the present day.In addition to maintaining his coaching practice, Zach is now a full-time musician, songwriter, and performer living in Denver, Colorado. He is happily married to the love of his life and between his time with family and his music, finds time to continue to make a difference for his clients. He has had over 12 years of coaching experience for the Handel Group and now works with select clients only specifically in the areas of Love, Relationships, Couples Coaching, Dating and Career. Zach specializes in helping clients to pinpoint their passion and align their lives with their callings, much like he continues to do today in his music career.