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We are excited to offer the Zoosk community an exclusive discount for 24 hours following the Love Series webinar events!

Get Inner.U LOVE for $149.

Inner.U LOVE is our online coaching course that gives you the tools to not only avoid heartbreak, but find whatever, whomever, and how many-ever it is that you truly and wholeheartedly want. Whether you’re out to find IT, fix it, or just figure out what you want from it. From wherever, whenever.

Your lifetime subscription includes:

  • 1 free private coaching call

  • 12 audio modules of Love Coaching

  • 6-week online group masterclass

  • In-depth tools and coaching for online profiles, video dating, figuring out your 3Hs (Head, Heart, Hoo-Ha) dealbreakers, relationship history, and much more.

I'm IN! $650 $149