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Jessica DiLorenzo

“We all have the potential to inspire positive change in this world. Gandhi asked us to ‘be the change’, and Inner.U teaches us how. This remarkable tool is a map, guiding us inward first to take an honest look at what has been holding us back from attaining our dreams. Each module is equal parts challenging and rewarding, and we get to document and celebrate small wins as we move through each step. After months of practicing getting clear on what I want, holding myself accountable, and trusting the process, Inner.U has unveiled the tenacious alchemist within me, capable of spinning every thread of doubt, fear, and heartbreak into solid gold. What a gift.”

Jessica DiLorenzo on her coaching with Handel Group and Inner.U.

Want the same life changing coaching Jessica got?

Inner.U is the secret sauce to getting yourself unstuck and thriving where it matters most.


The owner’s manual for your entire life. This online coaching course gives you the tools to get yourself honestly and deeply happy where it matters most to you: your relationships to your SELF, BODY, MONEY, TIME, and more.

What will my Inner.U purchase include?

  • 12 audio coaching sessions (and 3 bonus sessions) with Lauren Zander.
  • 14 assignments with hot tips, tools, and cheat sheets.
  • 1 FREE private coaching call with a Certified HG coach.
  • Inner.University - a six week group bootcamp with a Certified HG coach
  • The Promise Tracker — our integrity-boosting, life-simplifying digital butt kicker!
  • Integrity Score — analytics on your progress, your Personal Integrity® , and your dreams.
  • The Buddy System — a community of people cheering you on!
  • Prizes, badges, and free stuff for being awesome.
  • Oh, and lifetime access to all of the above.

Want to speak with a human?

Schedule a complimentary consultation with a Certified Handel Method Coach:

  • Discuss your current challenges and your personal goals
  • Get every last question of yours about coaching and our method answered
  • Design a coaching program that best fits your personal and budgetary needs

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