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  • The online coaching course from Handel Group: a compilation of more than twenty years of Lauren Zander’s developed, proven, and tested work.
  • An in-your-face wake up call to arms for you to step up, do the work, and be who you've always wanted to be: you, only better.
  • 12 sessions of audio coaching, 14 homework assignments, the all-new Promise TrackerTM, 2 monthly group coaching calls, and more.
  • Early Bird available NOW: $100 off lifetime access, 3 free coaching giveaways, 3 free coaching videos, and access to a live Inner.U kick-off call with Lauren Zander on April 22.

$650 $550   I'm IN!

Get a feel for the Handel Method®

In your consultation we will:

- Discuss your current challenges and your personal goals

- Go over your budget and scheduling requirements

- Design a coaching program that best fits your personal and budgetary needs

... and then, when you’re ready, we will help you get started with your coach or workshop.