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We design and implement results-oriented change for executives and organizations.

Our services include:

Culture Transformation

Private Coaching

Our flagship coaching program has accelerated individual and organizational performance at organizations across the globe. In this unique program, we’ll examine the foundation of your company’s culture and see how your company’s growth and success directly correlates to an aggregation of past experiences, history, relationships, and leadership. We believe that a healthy foundation is critical to success, but also understand that culture is often created by default rather than design. The Culture Transformation program includes a variety of customizable offerings, such as organizational interviews and assessments, the 2-part Building Honest Cultures workshop, the Enhancing Success workshop, Leadership & Team Coaching, and Executive Coaching. This go-to program will help you helm and design your company’s present culture and build the exact foundation you desire.

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Building Honest Cultures

Our Building Honest Cultures workshop is the cornerstone of our Culture Transformation flagship offering. This workshop will alter your organization or team culture with the aim of enhancing productivity, results, and satisfaction. We upgrade your organization to a new operating state: one of compassion, candor, camaraderie, and accountability. Offered as part of the Culture Transformation program or as stand-alone workshop.

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is at the foundation of every service HG Corp provides. We work intently with leaders and high-potentials to expand their capabilities, create a vision, and produce exceptional results. We develop Personal Integrity, inspire a new standard of transparency, and elevate all relationships. We design, implement and maintain a proactive plan tailored to the specific needs of your leaders and consistent with the highest vision of your company.

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Diversity Training

The AWKWARD workshop is for those who wish to create a more inclusive environment and understand we will first have to heal, forgive, and do something about century old hurts in order to build an unexpected future at any organization. In this ground-breaking, historical, and hysterical diversity training, we’re going to laugh, cry, and open up about how closed we still are about our prejudices. Not because we don’t believe in the right thing—we actually do, but because we don’t know how to live by what we believe.

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Specialized Seminars

Our Specialized Seminars are designed to shift you and your team’s perspective, create an inspired and unified vision, and drive the results you want. Learn more about the topics we have developed & delivered to past & current clients and how we tailor programs to fit your company’s specific needs and intentions.

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Since I met HG Corp, my company has gone from $60M to half a billion!

I attribute much of the success to Handel Group because they got us to become authors of our lives and to kill everything that impedes extraordinary results. The new CEO of Crum and Forster Holdings just hired Handel Group for all of it’s organizations due to the impact they had on us. Don’t delay in hiring them, they will help you take your company to a level of success and create a culture that you can’t fathom today.

-Gary McGeddy, EVP of Fairmont Specialty, a division of Crum & Forster