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Impacting Leaders

Coaching and Consulting Programs for Students, Educators, and Faculty

Design Your Life

HG EDU is on a mission to bring conscious living to formal education. We believe it’s fundamental to teach people not just how to learn, but how to live. We bring The Handel Method® to students, educators, faculty, and administrators, giving them the tools they need to design their lives, impact their effectiveness, and live according to their highest ideas for themselves both professionally and personally. Our work focuses on developing Personal Integrity®, transparency, and accountability across all levels of an academic institution.

Our flagship curriculum, Designing Your Life®, is a unique step-by-step methodology designed specifically for universities and is the framework for all other offerings from HG EDU.

Empowering Leadership

For Professors, Faculty, and Administrators

Faculty and administration are the lifeblood of any educational institution. As such, we make it our business to provide them with a curriculum to help conquer obstacles, solve problems, and resolve conflict with wisdom and grace. We give them the tools they need to enhance the success of both their careers and their personal lives, as well as design a professional environment they are deeply proud of.

Designing Transitions

For Graduate and Postdoctoral Students

Transitioning from being an undergraduate to forging your own career path can be a daunting experience. Using our proven methodology, graduate students and postdocs learn how to tackle their limiting beliefs, connect to their purpose, and design the career and personal life of their dreams.

Optimizing Education

For Undergraduate Students

Staying true to your academic career goals while balancing your personal life is a tough job. We appreciate that. That’s why we created this set of tools and practices designed to help undergrads navigate the roughest of waters, master their minds, and create the life of (all of) their dreams.

Building a Brilliant Future

For Grades 7-12

Where better to begin than where it all started: grades 7 through 12? Did you sigh? Shudder? What if, when it counted, it really counted? That’s right. We’re bringing real life education to students when they need it most––at the beginning of their academic lives. Students learn how to have the hard conversations, resolve conflict, debunk negative theories, and design their lives. Yes, theirs.

Impacting the world. One hero––educator, admin, and student––at a time.

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