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Our Programs

Design Your Life

Private Coaching

HG EDU is on a mission to bring conscious living to formal education. We believe it’s fundamental to teach people not just how to learn, but how to live. We bring The Handel Method to students, educators, faculty and administrators and offer much needed instruction on how to deal with the most important areas of life. We teach students how to design their lives, create their future, resolve their past, love their families, have difficult conversations, tell the truth, and live according to their highest ideals for themselves. Our work deals head on with universal personal issues and focuses on developing Personal Integrity, transparency and accountability.


Inspiring Visionaries

For Deans, Provosts and SVP Development
Our unique approach provides academic leaders, charged with the huge task of aligning their team of highly educated, impressively independent colleagues, with the tools they need to unite their team, remove obstacles and design an aligned institution. Using a holistic approach that considers every aspect of career and personal life, we help academic leaders design their dreams and fulfill on their purpose.

Grad and Postdoc

For Graduate & Postdoctoral Programs
Transitioning from being an Undergrad with a prescribed curriculum to forging your own path can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Using our proven methodology, Graduate Students and Postdocs learn how to deeply connect to their purpose, and use their passion to fuel the design of the research and career path of their dreams. And by learning to tackle limiting beliefs, we give students a powerful tool for realizing their full potential. Using a holistic approach that addresses students academic career, as well as their personal lives, this program becomes the ultimate support system for bringing a student’s unique voice to the world.

Empowering Leadership

For Administrators & Staff Training
Administrative Staff is the lifeblood of any educational institution and keeping it flowing presents a unique set of challenges. We provide a curriculum to help Administrators conquer any obstacle, solve any problem, and resolve any conflict with ease and grace. By helping Administrators design a professional environment of which they are deeply proud, we give them the tools they need to enhance the success of their own lives, careers, and the entire organization.

Leadership & Legacy

For Professors, Faculty & Teachers Training
Staying true to your academic career goals while balancing the agendas of your Department Chair, your peers, students, your own scholarly endeavors, and your personal life is a tough job. We appreciate that. That’s why we’ve created this holistic set of tools and practices designed to help you navigate even the roughest of waters, master your mind and create the career legacy, and life of your dreams.

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