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Julie Serot

Julie Serot joined Handel Group in early 2021 to lead the Marketing Division. Julie was a client of HG for a couple of years before stepping in as Chief Marketing Officer when the stars aligned and HG just happened to be looking for a CMO when Julie was thinking about her next big move in business. Our kind of magic!

Julie previously founded and ran her own personal development company, The Dharma Circle. She led that business to generate multiple 7-figures in sales, and create transformational impact for thousands of students through content across its various platforms.

Julie is passionate about implementing various marketing strategies to achieve successful lead generation and profitable sales including: virtual summits, live events, speaking sponsorships, low-ticket webinar funnels, referral campaigns, challenge funnels, and a range of other powerful tactics.

Julie currently lives in San Diego, C.A. with her great dane Duke, and her partner Matt.