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Career Transition

Our career transition program assists athletes who have reached the end of their on-the-field days and are looking for support as they make their next career move. We help individual athletes transfer the innate and impressive ability that took them to the top of their professional career into another arena. We investigate all areas of their life and raise the integrity level in each––leaving them with greater clarity and purpose as they pivot, adapt, and embrace their new normal.

Nolan Carroll on how coaching allowed him to take on any opportunity post his NFL career.

Life Coaching for Athletes

We provide specialized life coaching to athletes to help them be successful both on the field and off. We give them the tools to maximize, enhance, and prolong their incredible skills and playing careers, help them step up into leadership positions within their teams, and increase their confidence in communicating with coaches. We teach them how to design a life they are proud of, learn how to create their own personal laws and boundaries, live with Personal Integrity, avoid the pitfalls that can derail their careers, and deal beautifully with their family and friends.

Locker Room Transformation

Our culture transformation program teaches coaches, players, and organizations how to resolve conflict and personality differences on their teams with ease. We believe that eliminating distractions is paramount in creating and sustaining a winning organizational culture. We provide coaches and players with tools to help them recognize the connection between Personal Integrity and team success and become more accountable to their individual goals as well as the organizational goals as a whole.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is at the foundation of every service HG Corp provides. We work one-on-one with senior executives, coaches, and administrators to expand their capabilities, create a vision, and produce exceptional results. We develop Personal Integrity, inspire a new standard of transparency, and elevate interpersonal relationships. We design, implement, and maintain a proactive plan tailored to your specific needs and consistent with the highest vision of your organization.

Family & Partners Program

Our Family & Partners Program is a truly unique service offered to the partners of athletes. We recognize that loved ones closest to those in the limelight make incredible (and often unknown) sacrifices to support their partners. We work with family and partners to help them articulate, design, and achieve their own personal, familial, and professional dreams.

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