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Career Transition

Our athlete career transition program assists athletes who have reached the point in their careers where careful focus on determining their next step is paramount. We partner with them to help them transfer the innate ability that took them to the top of their profession into another arena. We work with them to investigate all areas of their lives and raise the integrity level in each, resulting in greater clarity and purpose when approaching their next career.

Athlete Coaching

Our athlete coaching program works with players to help them realize all of the factors that are integral to them being just as successful off the field as they are on the field and how the two are connected. We will give them the tools to create practices and behaviors that will help them maximize and prolong their playing careers for as long as possible. We help athletes understand their inner-dialogue and how it can promote them to greatness or hinder them from achieving their goals. Our work with athletes has helped them attain leadership positions on their teams as well as increase their confidence in communicating with coaches and teammates. We teach them life skills with regard to rules of engagement and living life with integrity, including creating boundaries and rules around caring for loved ones and friends. They will learn what areas they need to work on now that will allow them to port their athletic strengths into other arenas of life in the future. We help them envision what their post playing days will look like if they don’t take immediate action, in addition to helping them plan for long term success off the field/court.

Locker Room Transformation

Our locker room culture transformation program assists coaches and organizations in winning the integrity battle in the locker room before they ever begin the battle on the field/court. The hallmark of all successful sports teams is high moral character throughout all areas of the organization, particularly with its players. Eliminating off the court/field distractions is pivotal in creating and sustaining a winning culture. We work with coaches and players to recognize the connection between Personal Integrity®, and team success. We then create an accountability program with them that will help keep their personal behaviors aligned with team and organizational goals.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a distinguished service offering that spans across all divisions of Handel Group®. We work with senior leaders in the organization to create practices that have a trickle down success effect throughout the entire organization, from statisticians, coaches, trainers and players to front and back office personnel. Our integrity model allows senior management to create paradigm shifts that raise organizational effectiveness. We partner with these leaders to create a plan that results in greater transparency and accountability throughout the organization, resulting in increased efficiency and efficacy.

Partners Program

Our Partners Program is truly unique to the industry. We recognize that loved ones closest to those in the limelight make incredible and, in many cases, unknown sacrifices to support their partners as they pursue their dreams. We work with these silent leaders to help them articulate, design and achieve their own personal and family dreams. In our program they will learn to increase the integrity level in many of the areas in their life that they ignore while anchoring their family. We will give them tools to become an even stronger resource to their family while at the same time authoring their own life. The output is a transformation that leads to a designed life ultimately fulfilled.

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It completely changed my life

I started working with HG when I was in my second year in the NFL. It completely changed my life not just on the field but off as well. I’m mentally stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been!

-Justin Pugh, NFL Giant