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Athlete Coaching

Our athlete coaching program works with players to help them realize all of the factors that are integral to them being just as successful off the field as they are on the field and how the two are connected. We will give them the tools to create practices and behaviors that will help them maximize and prolong their playing careers for as long as possible. We help athletes understand their inner-dialogue and how it can promote them to greatness or hinder them from achieving their goals. Our work with athletes has helped them attain leadership positions on their teams as well as increase their confidence in communicating with coaches and teammates. We teach them life skills with regard to rules of engagement and living life with integrity, including creating boundaries and rules around caring for loved ones and friends. They will learn what areas they need to work on now that will allow them to port their athletic strengths into other arenas of life in the future. We help them envision what their post playing days will look like if they don’t take immediate action, in addition to helping them plan for long term success off the field/court.