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How To Separate Our Light From Dark (Not Laundry … Our Higher Self)

If you listened to my latest interview on Impact Theory, you certainly got a taste of my mind, method, and mouth. I had a blast and got to share some of my all time favorite one liners in the hopes that they not only stick upon impact, but that they cause lasting change. Here’s one where, in 30-seconds or less, I give you the R-rated key to detangling your lower self from your higher self.

Check out this clip:


Yes. Welcome to the you, you won’t face. Until NOW, that is. The minute you can separate your lower self – your negative inner dialogue – from your higher self is the very minute you can have a say over what you actually want to be thinking, dreaming, designing, and acting upon in order to achieve your highest ideals for yourself.

Talk about learning to human better!!!  

Which is why I’m so excited to announce our new partnership with Conscious Capitalism. First: my sister (and Co-Founder!) Beth Weissenberger, CEO Shir Nir, and I will be speaking at the upcoming Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference, “From Inspiration to Impact,” on April 23-25 (learn more here).

Secondly, I’m so proud that our digital coaching course inner.u is now being offered through the newly launched Conscious Capitalism University and is officially endorsed by Conscious Capitalism as their learning platform of choice for its members and leaders.

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This partnership was obviously an inspired and easy fit for us, as Conscious Capitalism is rooted in the following four guiding principles:

  1. Higher Purpose: A business that adheres to the principles of Conscious Capitalism focuses on a purpose beyond pure profits, and in doing so inspires and engages its stakeholders. 
  2. Stakeholder Orientation: Businesses have multiple stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and others. Some companies focus on return to their shareholders to the exclusion of everything else. A conscious business will concentrate on the whole business ecosystem to create and optimize value for all its stakeholders. 
  3. Conscious Leadership: Conscious leaders emphasize a “we” rather than a “me” mentality to drive the business and work to cultivate a culture of Conscious Capitalism in the enterprise. 
  4. Conscious Culture: Corporate culture is the sum of the values and principles that constitute the social and moral fabric of a business. A conscious culture is one where the policies of Conscious Capitalism permeate the enterprise, fostering a spirit of trust and cooperation among all stakeholders.

Sounds like HG’s kind of humans, no? Core-caring. World-Impacting. Bold AF.

We hope you’ll consider joining us at the conference. And if you do wisely attend, I also want to invite you to a very special evening reception on Tuesday, April 23. Beth will be speaking alongside Chief Strategy Officer for Conscious Capitalism, Amanda Roman, to formally announce the partnership as a kickoff to the conference.

As you can tell, I couldn’t be happier to be reaching hundreds of key leaders and influencers…who are each poised to help impact the planet.



P.S. Beth, Shir and I are thrilled to be speaking at the Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference April 23-25 … and we hope you’ll consider joining us! Use coupon Handel19 for a $200 registration savings at Questions? Email