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Midlife Crisis or Crusade: Don’t Believe The Hype

It’s not only never too late to have a happy childhood (thanks to author Tom Robbins), but it’s never too late to fill-in-your-blank at 50. And, this part is critical, no matter what anyone else says.

Not the world or your head.

We’re told that it’s impossible for women over 50 to change careers. That no one will hire us, that we shouldn’t risk a steady paycheck, that we’re stuck in our career paths.

It’s true that changing careers at fifty is scary.

I would know. I’d been an employee since I was 21, getting a paycheck every two weeks. Then at 45, about to turn 46, my younger sister and I started Handel Group®.

When I realized what it meant to really be an entrepreneur, to have to get out there and sell or not make money, you know what action I took? I cried. I too believed the hype.

And you know what my baby sister, who’d been an entrepreneur for years already, did?

Fine…after she snort-laughed?

She used her method on me.


Method, what method?

In The Handel Method®, developed and taught at MIT, Stanford School of Business, and NYU, the first assignment we give each and every client (myself included), is to write their dreams for 12 different areas of their life. From the more obvious areas, like career, money, body, love, and family, to the less obvious, like relationship to yourself, home, and friendship, to the potentially stepped over-ed areas, like fun and adventure, time, community and contribution.

Seems, the older we get, the worse we are at dreaming. As kids, if I asked you to tell me what you want, you were prolific. As adults, we tend to let ourselves dream only what we can have.

At 50, the best many of us can muster is hoping our triceps don’t jiggle.

Except, if we don’t admit what we want, do we have to do anything but bitch, excuse, blame the state of the world, the pandemic, and our age for why we can’t have what we want?


Instead, we believe not just the world’s hype, but our own negative thoughts, beliefs, and theories, too.

Worse than just believing our thoughts, theories, and beliefs, we prove them.

Prove what? How about…

Half of all American women 50 and over experience long-term unemployment. Only a quarter of single women over 50 will go on to find partners. Or simply that we’re not good enough to still have dreams, let alone go after them.

Oh, please.

Tell your head nice try. In it’s ever-attempt to still save you from saber-toothed tigers, have it go do something better with it’s time. Like research women over fifty who have kicked ass. In fact, all five of Fortune’s most powerful women are over 50. These women prove it’s not only doable, there’s a blueprint for it.

So what happened when my sister got me dreaming, curating my own thoughts, not believing my own limiting beliefs and into the right real bold-ass actions to make our dreams a reality?

Today, we’re the biggest executive life coaching company in the world.

F the hype. What?! The F is for forgo.

What next?

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Be the change you’re dying to see.

Women over 50 have the wisdom and the experience to know what we want, and how to get it. Plow past the hype and stop making excuses for not chasing the things you want and scapegoating your age, the stats, and whatever else you or they use to fill-in-the-blank why.

You’ve still got this.

If you want to believe something new, I promise there’s evidence out there of it. Just as you can find the why nots, you can locate the damn straights.

I’m 62 and I want everyone to know it.

Why? So that women over 50 take back their power run companies, make career changes, find love or whatever they’ve been (until now, secretly) dreaming of.

Your part?

Prove it.