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Multicultural Women’s National Conference

Ready to get awkwardly human? This ​interactive ​workshop is designed to engage the audience in cross-cultural dialogue to ​increase understanding ​around exhibiting and dealing with bias in the workplace. Join Coach and Diversity Training Principal Carmen Hughes this summer for her workshop Moving from Awkward to Honest About Bias at the Mulitcultural Women’s National Conference in NYC. The Multicultural Women’s National Conference in New York! The Multicultural Women’s National Conference brings together powerful voices from multicultural women, who engage in courageous conversations exploring intersections of race, gender, and culture in the workplace.

HG Executive Coaches, Tyreek Moore and Osnat Nissani will conduct brief meetings/consultations with attendees and share advice and tips on how to solve issues in their workplaces and in their lives. If you haven’t signed up and are interested, be sure check in at registration for cancellations/available sessions.