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The Meditation Of Designing Your Days: An Interview With CEO Coach Lauren Zander

You might think your day unfolds exactly as it’s meant to, but what if you could design every workday? And manifest what you want to bring into your life? What if you could live with more joy, even while leaning into your career? The meditation of designing your day is the work of Lauren Zander, CEO coach, lecturer and author. Here is an interview with her about how we can create the life we truly want.

1. The CEOs and actors and other high-profile people you coach have absolutely packed schedules. How do you counsel them to take time to do what nurtures them and to “justify” this time away from work and family?

One of the best ways to bring joy into a person’s wildly hectic schedule is to make sure they don’t focus only on all of their to do’s, but also on their ever-important to-be’s. This is when I’ve been known to quote Snow White’s, “Whistle While You Work.”

I mean, sure you need to have physical integrity and make sure that your actions not only forward your dream and exist in real time, but you have to also have to manage your emotional (aka feelings) and your spiritual (aka thoughts) integrity, too. In other words, your thoughts and feelings have to go hand in hand with your actions and they need to inspire you and align with your dreams.  I help clients have Personal Integrity in ALL areas of their life. You can’t be great at work and meh (technical term) with your family and not have it affect the other areas of your life. Even though most of us think we can compartmentalize our lives, we can’t. Each area (family, health, fun, adventure, spirituality, community AND career, etc.) impacts the others.

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