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Hey you! Yes, you.

Let’s admit it: life is tough. But what if you stopped blaming others for what’s holding you back and took a close, unfiltered look at the real root of the problem: YOU...

DYL Weekends

Design Your Life ™ Weekends are a two day, life-altering, intensive course which consist of both individual and group coaching that will, in no uncertain terms, give you a fresh perspective and the tools you need to design a life of which you are proud.

Career success woman

Career Catapult Weekend
San Francisco Workshop •  Apr 22, 2017

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Design Your Life Weekend
NYC Workshop •  May 06, 2017

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Design Your Life Weekend
L.A. Workshop •  Jun 10, 2017

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Adv Design Your Life Weekend
NYC Workshop •  Oct 21, 2017

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